All the demos for Simone can be found on this page. There are currently two types of demos: functional and technical.

Functional demos shows some basic functionalities, where technical demos serves more as a tutorials for some advanced functionalities and API usage.

Demo list

Writing demos

If you think new demos are required or some demos are missing, you can add them.

Writing new demos requires general knowledge about contributing code. You might like to discuss your changes to get sure they won't get rejected.

There is currently onle one general template for new demos:

Upon creating new demo, copy template file into relevant directory, rename it to match it's planned content, and then follow the instructions in template to get you started. After you're done with setting up the file, add it to the file manifest. It's structure is pretty self-explanatory—it's used on this page to build demo lists.

When writing new demos, try to keep lines under 80 chars (4 spaces for tab), so vertical scrollbars won't appear on windows holding demo code.

Consider linking you demo with appropriate options in widget's documentation (it's purely optional though).

When you're done with new demo, make a pull request on GitHub.